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Git Notes

Specify the private SSH-key to use when executing a Git command:

ssh-agent bash -c 'ssh-add /home/git/.ssh/key-filename; git $GIT_COMMAND'


ssh-agent bash -c 'ssh-add /home/git/.ssh/key-filename; git push'


Remove submodule

0. mv a/submodule a/submodule_tmp

1. git submodule deinit -f – a/submodule 2. rm -rf .git/modules/a/submodule 3. git rm -f a/submodule # Note: a/submodule (no trailing slash)

# or, if you want to leave it in your working tree and have done step 0 3. git rm –cached a/submodule 3bis mv a/submodule_tmp a/submodule


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